International Women Club of Lugano

IWCL is a member of the Federation of Anglo Swiss Clubs.

IWCL is a member of FAWCO.


  1. English Forum - Community portal for English-speaking people in Switzerland

  2. Expats in Switzerland

  3. Expat Moms in Switzerland


  1. City of Lugano

  2. Lugano Tourism site

  3. Book Nook - Ticino’s English-language lending library and used book seller

  4. English Film Club

  5. Swiss Info

  6. Swiss News

  7. World Radio

  8. Expat Woman - is the largest global website helping women living overseas.  The site displays more than 1,000 quality content pages, over 1,200 expat women blogs, nearly 300 readers' stories, invaluable country resource pages, interviews with successful expat women, loads of motivational articles and an inspirational blog and monthly newsletter.

  9. Americans Welcome Expats - is the source of informations for all Americans Expats in Switzerland.

  10. Swiss Railway

  11. Swiss Post Office  Post Office and Customs Charges.

  12. Did you know that when you order goods from overseas or receive a parcel as a gift that has a value of CHF98.- there is NO import tax or Value Added Tax (IVA) to pay.

  13. However, if you order goods from overseas OR if you receive a parcel (gift) from overseas and the value of a shipment is greater than CHF99.- you will have to pay (8.0% IVA) Value Added Tax AND Customs duty on the TOTAL amount.

  14. The value for books, medicine and vitamins may be up to CHF 208.- and are free of taxes and duty.

  15. Anything over CHF 209.- will be charged import tax and value added tax of 2.4%

  16. Goods auctioned or bought via the Internet do not satisfy these conditions. They are subject to duty in accordance with the general provisions.

  17. The maximum values for VAT-exempt imports are:

  18. 8.0% VAT (the majority of items sent) => CHF 66

  19. 2.4% VAT (e.g. books) => CHF 209.-

  20. Please note that the Post Office will charge an additional CHF 18.- for handling the package!

Religious Institutions:

  1. The Anglican Church of St Edward the Confessor

Other area clubs:

  1. Como International Club

  2. American Women of Ticino

  3. Open Door - Open Door aspires to facilitate and promote inter-Club contact and communication between International Women's Associations which are non-political, non-religious,non-commercial, and where membership is open to all nationalities.

  4. The main objectives of Open Door are to:

  5. provide an immediate point of contact for a member from an affiliated Association moving to or

  6. visiting a town or city where a 'Sister Club' exists

  7. grant guest status at a monthly meeting to meet groups of

  8. expatriate and like-minded women provided she presents her membership card or introduction letter from her Association to the international coordinator of that Club.

Business resources:

  1. Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce


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